The Best Scrubs in Australia

The best medical scrubs are the ones which combine practical utility with comfort and style. You don’t want the ones which need constant adjustment and rearrangement throughout a busy day. You want the ones which sit well on your body whilst exuding calm confidence and on-trend fashion. Why? Because Sydney and the rest of Australia needs medical pros who look the part and feel good whilst doing their jobs. Here’s what to buy:

Scrubs that Fit Well

It’s okay to wear scrubs which follow the contours of your body, but if they are too tight they will hamper your movement (especially in an emergency). On the other hand, loose-fitting scrubs look baggy and get in the way of equipment. When thinking about fitting scrubs, remember these tips:

Flexible Scrubs

Scrubs made from slightly stretchy material will “give” and return when needed. If you’ve ever had to “hurry” to an emergency, you know that sometimes your legs need to move at unusual velocities. Flexible bottoms will make the process much easier!

Scrubs with Shape

Unlike High Street threads, scrubs come in just three basic shapes: man, woman, and unisex. Well-designed women’s scrubs incorporate graceful tapering and flaring which follow the natural curve of the waist. Men’s scrubs are roomier below the waist and tend to have a longer leg length. Unisex scrubs attempt to follow a happy medium between these two shapes.

Length is Important

Your scrubs top should fall just below the hip because you do not want your middle exposed when you lift your hands up above your head. In the thick of it, when you’re contorting this way and that as you perform a medical manoeuvre, you shouldn’t have to worry about a bare midriff.

The scrubs bottom should reach just below the ankle, without bunching or creasing. You certainly don’t want your hems to drag along the floor, scooping up dirt and becoming a trip hazard!

The Best Material for Scrubs

You want scrubs made from material with certain key characteristics. In addition to flexibility and toughness, the material should be stain resistant. In your line of work, all sorts of splashes and spills will land on your scrubs. You want to be able to have residue wash off easily, so that you don’t carry an unsightly reminder of mishaps wherever you go for months! As a bonus, your scrubs material should ideally wick moisture off your skin and out into the air. After a long, hot day, its nice not to feel clammy and sticky!

Scrubs are about Utility

Scrubs are functional wear, so they must have eminent utility. In some cases, this means that they must have pockets. Pockets are an important consideration if your day-to-day routine requires you to be mobile with hand-held equipment. You may need a single neat double-stitched chest-front pocket, or a plethora of variously sized pockets in your cargo-pant style scrub bottoms. Fortunately, there are options for just about every pocket requirement.

Your Scrubs can have Style

Let’s face it, medical professionals are humans too, and humans have a deep-seated need for fashion. Scrubs may be strictly utilitarian but their colour, shape, and fit say something about your outlook and position in the world. You can coordinate colours, or contrast them, with different tops and bottoms. Prints, such as festive-themed designs for the holidays, can ratchet up the charm of your bedside manner. Some scrub designs even come with slimming stripes and panels for a professionally suave, clean look.

Price of the Best Scrubs in Australia

It is quite possible to get stylish, high-quality functional scrubs for a good price. Whilst cheaper, low-quality scrubs abound, it always pays in the end to get the best in the beginning. At Apparel Pro, we recommend that you opt for big brand scrubs and avoid untried small ones. You’ve invested an insane amount of time and effort in your profession, so you deserve to look and feel the part too! Here’s where to buy the best scrubs in Australia:

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