Modibodi Reusable Toddler Daytime Training Pant 2 Pack / Superhero / 18-24 MONTHS


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Now you can stop putting off toilet training with our new Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pant. Available in a handy 2-pack, these clever pants are designed to help your kids transition from nappies to undies by letting them feel when they’re damp. They’re resistant to odour, easy to use and even easier to wash. Helping to make toilet training a little less messy, and a little less stressy for the whole family. !– bottom description — Our Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pants feature Modibodi patent-pending leak-proof technology and fabrics, making them the trusted, high-quality way to toilet train. Available in two cute designs, your little one will love them as much as you do. Black coloured lining stops unwanted stains. Made from super soft, OEKO-TEX® certified Organic cotton, so you can be sure your kids aren’t meeting any nasty chemicals on their way to being toilet trained. To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use CARE: Please be sure to read our FAQ for how to wash and care for your Modibodi


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