Modibodi Classic Bikini Moisture-Wicking / Black / 08/XS


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Absorbency: 0ml = Moisture-Wicking only This Classic Bikini is your go-to pair for staying comfy, cool and fresh in between periods. Made from super soft and breathable bamboo, it’s the everyday saviour you’ve been searching for. Please note this underwear is for everyday wear, sweat and odour control only. For leak protection, please choose one of our absorbent styles. !– bottom description — The Classic Bikini has a higher leg and sits on the hip for a safe, snug fit. Modibodi fits and feels like your regular underwear, but with a built-in patented (3mm) lining to absorb your period or pee. A reusable alternative to disposable pads, liners or tampons. To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use. Proudly designed in Australia. CARE: Please be sure to read our FAQ on caring for your garments.


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