History of Biz Collection

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Biz Collection is one of the top corporate apparel suppliers in Australasia. They supply our Sydney-based corporate apparel company with coordinated clothing in a variety of styles to suit a range of different uses, from business wear to school sports uniforms

The current company headquarters for BIZ Collection is based in Auckland with the brand originally established in New Zealand 26 years ago in 1989. The ‘BIZ’ is taken from their parent company, Fashion Biz while the ‘Collection’ refers to the huge range of quality garments they provide.

In 1998 Biz Collection was successfully introduced to Australia in time for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The business steadily expanded with major distribution centres built up in Sydney and Melbourne over the following decade, employing hundreds of people.

Between 2010 and 2011 Biz Collection took the opportunity to establish their first distribution centre in the northern hemisphere - in Canada. Soon after, the Biz Collection brand also became available in South Africa when they formed a partnership with the leading apparel wholesaler there.

More recently, the New Zealand headquarters of Biz Collection was expanded to include new office space, a state of the art showroom and a new warehouse management system. They have also expanded their in-house garment testing lab, putting in cutting edge technology.

So now, with 26 years in the uniform and apparel industry, BIZ Collection are well positioned to ensure their commitment to the highest standards continues, a commitment we've also made at ApparelPro. We're proud to offer our BIZ Collection range of garments to you - browse and order from our range of Biz Collection clothing online 24/7.

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